Joining the Parish

Those who are not currently Catholic, but who are interested in exploring Catholicism and entry or re-entry into the Catholic Church should read the section entitled “Exploring Entry into the Catholic Church”. Those interested in joining the parish who are already Catholic simply need to fill out a registration form, available by clicking here, in the brochure racks at the entrance of the Church, or in the parish office. New parishioners might find the following particularly helpful:

Life in the Spirit/Holy Spirit Seminars

These seminars are a set of teachings and activities about various aspects of the Charismatic life that include personal prayer to receive more of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to send His Spirit when He said, “John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” On Pentecost this promise was fulfilled and is still the promise for all today
(Acts 2:1-4). These seminars provide an opportunity to receive that promise.

The Life in the Spirit Seminar offers the teachings over a seven-week period; the Holy Spirit Seminar provides these teachings in an all-day Saturday format. These seminars are offered at various points throughout the year and are open not only to new parishioners, but to anyone inside or outside the parish who is interested in deepening their life in God the Holy Spirit. Check the bulletin for information about upcoming seminars.