Office Hours and Parish Staff Directory

Parish Office Hours are:

Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The offices are closed on weekends, as well as on Holy Days of Obligation and civil holidays.

The Parish Offices are located in the Parish Center (the former Spiritus Sanctus Academy) across from the Church at 2600 Via Sacra Drive, Ann Arbor, MI. Go to the far end of the building, opposite the “red barn” and enter through the double doors.

Contact Information:

Parish Office – phone: 734-665-5040       fax: 734-663-3735       email:

Parish Staff:

Father Ed Fride, Pastor

(734) 665-0609,




Father Bill Spencer, Priest in Residence

(734) 255-5478,





Deacon Dan Foley

(734) 996-4027,




Deacon Gerry Holowicki

(734) 572-4595,





Deacon John Ozog





Deacon Larry Randolph

(734) 622-8144,





Deacon Lou Russello




Deacon Wayne Slomiany

(734) 929-0972,




Martin Doman, Director of Worship

(734) 929-0976,




Mark Zielman, Liturgical Coordinator

(734) 929-0973,


Aimee Godfrey, Director of Adult Discipleship

(734) 929-0983,





Whiting, ChristyChristy Whiting, Assistant Director of Adult Discipleship

(734) 929-0982,




John Hoving, Director of Youth Discipleship

(734) 929-0977,



Susan Perrier, Assistant Director of Youth Discipleship

(734) 929-0981,




Lauren Sauter, Youth Discipleship Administrative Assistant


Harrison Raney, Life Teen Music Director


Ken Bogan, Business/Operations Manager

(734) 929-0989,




Dorothy Babcock, Facilities Manager

(734) 929-0974,




Theresa Hofer, Communications Coordinator

(734) 929-0971,, for bulletin and other announcements, email




Sharon Messiter, Parish Secretary,  Scheduling Coordinator

(734) 665-5040,;  for scheduling events, email



Hannah Stroup, Clerical Assistant


Bruce Hohnke, Cathi Horning, Amy Kopacz, Maintenance

(734) 665-5040