New Mass Parts!

I am pleased to announce that our parish is introducing two new Mass parts! We have been singing the Mass of the Holy Spirit by Mike Giszczak for years without a Kyrie or Gloria, as they were heretofore unfinished. Mike has given us a very nice Christmas present this year: the completed versions of the Kyrie and Gloria. Congratulations, Mike, and thank you!

We have started rehearsing the new parts before Mass. Beginning Sunday, Jan. 20, we will use the entire Mass of the Holy Spirit for the 2nd-8th Sundays in Ordinary Time, ending on March 3, the Sunday before Lent. Later in the year, we will resume singing the Mass of the Holy Spirit in its regular rotation.

To make it easier to learn the new parts, Jane Terwilliger and I have created two YouTube videos:

— Martin Doman, Director of Worship