Flu precautions

After discussion with several of our docs and the Washtenaw Health Department, and after consulting with the Leadership Team, we have decided to temporarily suspend the distribution of the Precious Blood to the general congregation, beginning this weekend, Jan. 27-28. The Washtenaw Health Department believes that we are nearing or at the peak of the flu season and that now would be a prudent time to do this. The dominant strain of flu is particularly virulent and taking some precautions to protect our folks seemed the prudent thing to do at this time.

We will make available at every Mass a chalice of the Precious Blood for those who can receive only the Precious Blood during Communion. Given the rather troubling fact the folks at the Health Department pointed out that, during this outbreak, people can be contagious up to 24 hours before showing any symptoms, just asking people who were symptomatic not to receive was not seen as sufficient. And just a reminder, there is no obligation to attend Mass when you are sick; it may well be an act of charity to not expose others to what you might have. So if you’re sick, stay home and get better.  🙂

Fr. Ed