Witness to Hope Campaign

Witness to Hope Campaign logoCampaign Update

As of Jan. 23, Christ the King parishioners had pledged $1.7 million to the campaign. Praise God! We’re still, though, only 42% of the way to our $4 million parish goal, and only 25% of parishioners have made a pledge.

If you have not yet made a pledge, please turn in your pledge by Jan. 31, if at all possible.  Donations may also be made online by going to witnesstohope.net and clicking on the “Give Now!” button.

Contributions by check should be made out to “Witness to Hope”.  Please turn in pledge cards to the parish office or mail them directly to

Witness to Hope

c/o The Catholic Foundation

228 N. Walnut St.

Lansing, MI  48933

Can’t find your pledge card? Contact Sharon in the parish office (smessiter@ctkcc.net) to get a new one. Thank you for your support!

Christ the King’s Plans

Our parish goal is $4 million, of which $3 million will stay here at Christ the King to serve our needs. With God’s blessing, and our parish’s support of the Witness to Hope campaign, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Expand the narthex to provide more gathering space.
  • Finish the Church Lower Level to provide event and conference room space, as well as a kitchen.
  • Add parking and complete the related site work.

Click here to see preliminary drawings of the three projects.


We’ve received several questions about the campaign. Here are a few of the most frequent:

  • How was the suggested amount in the individualized pledge letter determined? It was determined by the Diocese of Lansing, working with a professional fundraising firm hired to run the campaign.
  • Does the parish have to reach its base goal before any money starts coming back to the parish? No, from the very first dollar donated, 35% goes to the parish and 65% to the Diocese. Once we reach our base goal, then 65% goes to the parish and 35% to the Diocese. Once we’re 20% over our base goal, then all money subsequently donated comes back to the parish. For more information, go to witnesstohope.net/the-campaign.
  • Is the Witness to Hope campaign taking the place of the normal Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA)? The Witness to Hope campaign took the place of the 2017 DSA.  There will be a DSA in 2018, although it’s being delayed from Lent to the Easter season.
  • When are pledges due?  The bishop was encouraging everyone to make their pledges by Dec. 31, if at all possible, but if you haven’t yet made your pledge, it’s not too late to contribute! Just go to https://donate.dioceseoflansing.org/WTH/witness-to-hope-donations to make your pledge online or mail it to the Witness to Hope address given above.
  • Where should we submit our pledge card? Although you can mail it to Lansing, they are a bit backlogged, so it would help us keep more accurate records of responses if you returned them to the parish. You can also complete your pledge online. Just go to https://donate.dioceseoflansing.org/WTH/witness-to-hope-donations. If you pledge online, please be sure to indicate that your parish is Christ the King – Ann Arbor.
  • Can we set up pledge payments through Christ the King’s Online Giving site? No, unlike the DSA, everyone is asked to send in their Witness to Hope pledge payments directly to Lansing. However, you can set up electronic payments through the Witness to Hope website. Just go to https://donate.dioceseoflansing.org/WTH/witness-to-hope-donations for more information.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Diocesan Witness to Hope website, witnesstohope.net/faqs.

For more information, read the information sheet that is available by clicking on this link or go to witnesstohope.net. Thank you for your prayers and participation.