First Grade

Christ the King’s first grade program divides students into small classes where each child can receive individual attention from the Catechist while also participating in group activities. The first grade classes will begin teaching basic doctrines of the Faith as well as lessons on key Bible stories such as Adam and Eve and the life of Jesus.

The first graders will also memorize prayers such as the Our Father and Prayer to St. Michael. They will learn how to make the Sign of the Cross and genuflect with reverence. Of course, lessons will be reinforced by projects and activities that engage their minds and bodies. During the course of the year, the first grade class will take trips to visit the Blessed Sacrament, have processions and learn how Holy Water is made.

The text we are using this year is the Faith and Life Series for Grade 1: Our Heavenly Father. Each child has a book to keep at home and read with their parents. Every week, the first grade catechists will send out an E-mail to all the parents of first graders with a recap of what we did in class and what (if anything) they need to do to prepare for the next class.

Watch this four minute video about our First Grade Program to see why it is worth putting your son or daughter in the class!

First Grade Video


2017-18 First Grade Schedule

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First Grade Contact Information

Please pray for the team members and the people they serve.

Barbara Morgan, Director of Religious Education, 734-929-0981

Lauren Sauter, Assistant to Barbara Morgan

Karen Fenton, First Grade Coordinator

Hannah Cousino, Evening First Grade Catechist

Mary Jo Paquin, Evening First Grade Catechist

Susan Perrier, Afternoon First Grade Catechist


First Grade Catechists

Karen Fenton, First Grade Coordinator

Karen feels that she has grown up in Christ the King.  Shortly after receiving her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Michigan, she became a part of the parish in 1981.  This was before she was married, before CTK had a name and during its days as a Catholic fellowship.  She and her husband, Gary, were married in this Catholic fellowship in 1982 and now have four children, two of which are married. Karen has three grandsons and loves being a grandmother!

Karen began teaching religious education when her son, Christian, was in second grade in 1993.  “There was a need for a second grade catechist and, being pragmatic, since I needed to take him to catechism anyway, I thought I may as well teach.  What I didn’t expect was that I would fall in love with teaching the faith to young children.  They are so open to the Lord, their love for Him is simple and sincere, and I am always touched by what the Holy Spirit does in their lives.  Through the act of teaching and preparing to teach catechism, my faith has grown immensely.”

Since 2011 Karen has been the coordinator of the First Grade program.  “I feel blessed to work among wonderful teachers and be taught by Barbara Morgan.  We have a dynamic catechetical program here at CTK, and it’s getting better and better, thanks to Barbara’s expertise, wisdom and dedication.”

Hannah Cousino, Evening First Grade Catechist

Hannah Cousino is a long-time member of Christ the King. She and her husband, Brendan, have been married for 12 years and have four children ages 10 to 4 months. Hannah has experience teaching pre-schoolers at a Montessori school and has also taught fourth grade religious education at CTK.

Mary Jo Paquin, Evening First Grade Catechist

Mary Jo and her husband, Del, came to CTK in 2000. They have home-schooled all of their nine children. Mary Jo has a Bachelors degree in Child Development & Elementary Education (Madonna University). She is an Aide for the Atrium (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) and is pursuing Level II certification. She loves children of all ages and is excited to be sharing our wonderful faith with the first-grade class this year.

Susan Perrier, Afternoon First Grade Catechist

Susan and her husband Kevin have been members of CTK for 12 years and have five children. Susan has Masters degrees in Theology (Franciscan University) and Education Ministries (Wheaton College). She has previously served as a 5th/6th grade catechist at CTK, an Atrium (Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) Aide, and has taught pre-school at home.

Susan is thrilled to be a first-grade catechist again this year and is eager to learn all she can from CTK’s “new” DRE Barbara Morgan. If you ask her why she is teaching, she’ll say: “When Barbara asks, the only answer is yes!”