KidMin + You = Making the Love of Jesus a Practical Reality

KidMin is activities for children of parents attending CTK events. We need you to serve this Winter or Spring! Offering childcare and enrichment activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, led by caring adults with VIRTUS safety training, makes it possible for all members of our community (especially parents and teens) to participate fully in our formation as missionary disciples at Christ the King.

The goals of child care and enrichment activities for older children are to:

  • Experience the caring friendship of other adults–the concrete reality of the Body of Christ
  • Offer developmentally-appropriate, engaging activities to cultivate curiosity and delight in God’s creation
  • Reinforce each child’s faith journey as he/she comes to personally know Jesus as Lord
    • for a baby, this is as simple as a song of praise or the joyful smile of a caregiver
    • for an older child, this might be learning the story of a famous saint or doing a craft to emphasize a Biblical character
  • Foster fellowship and relationships among children at Christ the King

Serve the Parish. Support Our Mission.

At Christ the King, we exist to joyfully worship God and carry out the mission of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. At its heart, that mission of Jesus Christ is to Go and Make Disciples. By offering your time, talent, and recycled “treasures” in this ministry you’re playing an essential role in ensuring that all families and adults are able to grow as disciples in the parish.

We’ll provide the materials, activities, training, and mentorship to be effective in this ministry. No previous experience required.

Sign-up for an Upcoming Date/Time

We’ve got some special request “ideas” for this Spring 2017:

  • Come for 30-60 min on Sunday Apr 2 or 9, 6:45-7:45 pm to lead outdoor play for 6-8 active elementary school aged kids.
  • Come for 30 min on Sunday Mar 27, Apr 2, or Apr 9 with your favorite elementary school aged card or board game (i.e. Uno, Sorry, whatever!) and share/lead your game.

Recycle Your “Treasures”

Do you have un-used (or under-used) children’s items at home?
Check out our list of toys/equipment we’d love to reuse in this ministry.

Questions? Ideas? Comments?

Contact: Colleen Vermeulen, Assistant Director of Religious Education,