Registration for the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan now open!

Have you ever considered joining the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan?  The Catholic Biblical School of Michigan is a wonderful program that “exists to invite Catholics to encounter Jesus in and through the inspired Word of God and grow as missionary disciples, fueled by daily connection to God in His Word.” (

In the past, the only way in which to participate in CBSM classes, was to commit to a 30 week course each year, over the course of four years.  However, CBSM wants to make their classes more accessible to those whose schedules do not permit them to make such a long class. At Christ the King, we have partnered with CBSM to provide the same content, but broken down into three 8-10 week segments per year.  The segments do build on each other, but are also separate, so that you don’t need to attend all of the segments each year. You can attend all of them, or just the ones that work for your schedule. At the end of four years, if you attend all of them, you will have covered the whole Bible.    This Fall, we will begin our journey through the Bible with the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan. I encourage you to consider joining us!

Registration deadline is Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

For information and to register, contact Aimee Godfrey (

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