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  • Pentecost novena starts Friday!

    The Pentecost novena in honor of the Holy Spirit is the oldest of all novenas since it was first made at the direction of Our Lord Jesus Himself when He told His apostles to await the coming of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost. Now more than ever we need the gifts and power of… Read more

  • Preparing for the Vigil of Pentecost

    Come, Holy Spirit! This year we will worship with a number of newer songs at the Mass for the Vigil of Pentecost on Saturday June 3. All parishioners are invited to go the following link to preview these songs so we can participate more fully during the liturgy. Come, let us worship the Lord! CTK Pentecost… Read more

  • 2017-2018 Catholic Education Subsidy Information

    The deadline for submitting requests to Fr. Ed for financial assistance for all Catholic schools, including home schools, for the 2017-2018 school year is Sunday, June 4, 2017. To apply for assistance from the parish, please send an email or letter (email if at all possible) to Fr. Ed (fr.ed@ctkcc.net) with the subject line “Parishioner… Read more

  • Position Opening: Receptionist

    Christ the King has an immediate opening for a Receptionist. This full-time position with benefits assists with the ministry of the parish by facilitating smooth operation and communication in the parish office. A detailed job description and employment application are below: Receptionist Job Description Employment Application This position reports to Business/Operations Manager Ken Bogan. If you are… Read more

  • Parish Advisory Council Application Deadline Extended to May 26th

    The Parish Advisory Council has several openings to fill and invites applications. The Christ the King Parish Advisory Council is made up of 12 parishioners who are broadly representative of the parish.  You do not need to be a leader or have any training to be on the Council – just an openness to the… Read more

  • Serve on Alpha Team

    Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores life’s biggest questions. Each session includes a meal, a talk, and small group discussion, where no question is too simple and no answer pre-packaged. Learn more and sign up to join the the CTK Alpha Team! Training runs from Mar 22 to Apr 5th.

  • The Great Invitation

    Prepare to invite and accompany all those seeking or searching for more of Christ’s Light. Our parish is called to be a charismatic light–a real, concrete, visible light of Christ. But how can each one of us live out this calling? How do we move from theology to practice when it comes to each of… Read more

  • KidMin + You = Making the Love of Jesus a Practical Reality

    KidMin is activities for children of parents attending CTK events. We need you to serve this Winter or Spring! Offering childcare and enrichment activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, led by caring adults with VIRTUS safety training, makes it possible for all members of our community (especially parents and teens) to participate fully in our… Read more

  • Bulletin Advertisers Needed!

    Christ the King is looking for advertising sponsors for the weekly church bulletin! If you, or someone you know, would like to help support the bulletin please contact Dave Polansky at Liturgical Publications at (248) 250-3880 or dpolansky@4lpi.com.  

  • Prepare for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal’s Golden Jubilee in 2017

    Catholics around the world are asked to intercede in preparation for the coming Jubilee Year. The International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) and Catholic Fraternity (CF), based in the Vatican, are releasing one video reflection per month til then to prepare our hearts. The introductory video features a message from Pope Francis, and the first… Read more

  • Easter: “HE IS RISEN!”

    He is Risen! This simple phrase encompasses the most important event in the history of the Universe. He is Risen! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Who died on the Cross for us has been restored to life! Those who were present during the events of His Passion and Death could not imagine… Read more

  • 5th Sunday of Lent: I Will Open Your Graves

    “I will open your graves and have you rise from them!” That sounds like an offer we cannot or at least should not refuse! The Jews heard that word during a difficult time for them. They were exiled, far from their Land of Israel, and yet here was this prophet giving them this word of… Read more

  • 4th Sunday of Lent: Laetare Sunday: “The Lord is My Shepherd!”

      “The Lord is my shepherd!” Does this make you joyful? Certainly this amazing acclamation from the great King David can give us cause for joy! King David knew, from his extensive experience with that challenging task, that to have a shepherd who is absolutely committed to your well being and is competent to carry… Read more

  • 3rd Sunday of Lent: “Give Me a Drink!”

    “Give Me a drink;” such an innocent request, one that wouldn’t raise any questions. Yet when the Lord Jesus asks the Samaritan woman for a drink, it starts a chain of events that not only results in her conversion, but that of her entire village. In the first reading, we hear this request being placed… Read more

  • Ash Wednesday: “Repent and Believe the Gospel!”

    “Even now, says the Lord, return to Me with your whole heart.” We are loved by a Father Who will never let us go, a Father Who loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son.  We begin Lent with the reminder that its foundation is first and foremost the love of… Read more

  • 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Rest in God Alone, My Soul.”

    The first two readings and the responsorial Psalm reveal, in a wonderful way, the nature of the Triune God’s heart for us. By inspiring Isaiah with this amazing analogy, He dispels for us any possible thought that He chooses to be distant from us or abandon us: “Can a mother forget her infant, be without… Read more

  • 7th Sunday of Ordinary Time “You are a Temple of God!”

    In our second reading, St. Paul reminds us that we participate in one of the most amazing mysteries of the Christian life: that we are temples of God! For St. Paul, the great Temple in Jerusalem was the heart of his life, and to protect it was one of the reasons why he so arduously… Read more

  • 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time–“Choose Life!”

    Our readings this Sunday focus on the gift of the Commandments and the explicit  invitation by the Holy One of Israel to follow them. Seeing the Commandments as a gift is a particular challenge for us, as in our progressively more anti-law culture, the law is seen as somehow inhibiting our freedom. This was not… Read more

  • 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time–“You are the Light of the World!”

      Our readings this Sunday focus on the first act of God’s creation: Light.  But not just any light, the light that we are called to be as followers of the Lord Jesus.  The first reading speaks of the light that will be given to us as a result of us being obedient to His… Read more

  • 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time–“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit!”

      All four of our readings this Sunday speak to that same reality: “blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”  But what does that mean?  Many interpretations have been given over the years, I like the approach that suggests that it refers to all who not only are poor… Read more

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    Room Scheduling Information

    Our 2017-2018 “scheduling event” runs from May 2 and will continue through May 18, 2017. This annual process is for reserving space in the parish facilities for events, particularly ongoing events, that will take place between August 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.

    To request space for an event at Christ the King, please download the scheduling information and room request form by clicking on the links below. These are pdf forms with fillable fields when viewed with Adobe Reader. Please use the 2017-2018 Room Request Form, since the form has been revised. Please save and email the completed form(s) to the office at scheduling@ctkcc.net. All room request forms for the scheduling event are due by May 18, 2017.

    For more information, please call 734-929-0975 or email scheduling@ctkcc.net. Thank you!

    2017-18 Room Request Form

    Scheduling packet

    Liturgical Use Form


    More Resources and Information

    Looking for creative ways to support the parish financially?

    We’ve gathered some resources all in one place in the finance section of our Stewardship page or contact Business Manager Theresa Hofer (734-929-0971 or thofer@ctkcc.net).


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